5+ best free iOS emulators for windows pc 2019

You know that it is possible to run Android applications on a Windows PC with several programs like Bluestacks or Memu.

Do you want to use an iOS app but you do not have an iphone / ipad / ipod? Here in this article, I share with you how to use iOS applications on your PC / Computer using iphone emulator. So here are all the best iOS emulators that are available on Windows operating system.

What is an iOS emulator?

IOS emulators are software that allows you to use an iOS operating system in a different environment than the one that is natural to it, so it works on Apple devices.

In short, iOS emulators create an environment that allows you to use iOS applications on a computer or Windows PC.

IOS emulators vs iOS simulator

Although these two words “emulators” and “simulators” are understood to be identical, they are quite different from each other. To put it simply, emulators mimic the software and hardware environments found on the corresponding host devices, while simulators only simulate the software environment on a windows or other system such as Linux, Mandriva, Android, etc. For this purpose, simulation is generally used for analysis and study while emulation is used for a particular device as a substitute or to get the exact experience like that of the emulated device.

Through the use of these iOS emulators, app developers can test their iPhone, iPad or iPod apps before going out with commercial versions as well as allowing Windows users to use them for games or iOS applications.

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Advantage of using an iOS emulator?

There are several benefits of using iOS emulator, however they are initially and primarily designed for application development. So when you are a programmer wanting to make mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod) you will surely need an iOS emulator for your tests as I mentioned a little higher.

  • Have a virtual copy of your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Play some games that only installs on iPhone on your Windows computer
  • Use apps from the App Store on a Windows PC
  • etc.

The best iOS emulators for pc Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

This list is a selection of software allowing to have Emulator iPhone on your PC laptop or PC desktop:


This tool is one of the best versatile and easy IOS emulators that allows you to play IOS games and run the Applications on a Windows computers. Download MobiOne


A utility very simple to use but however very slow and it is paying but a free trial version for 7 days is available. Download APP.IO


Probably the best iPad emulator, it gives you the impression of having a real iPad in hand and has a version for Android. Download IPADIAN


The best alternative to App.io, and many think it’s better as an iPhone emulator. It allows the development of Android and iOS applications using the Cloud.

Unfortunately it is in paid and free version with 100 minutes of testing only  Download APPETIZE.IO


This iOS emulator makes it possible to create a Virtual iPhone on your Windows PC. Note that this tool also supports Adobe Air Framework which is too essential for a user.

The operation of Air iPhone requires an installation of Air Framework Download Air iPhone


A tool I like and well known by the developers of “.NET” (DotNet) that is to say the developers using the C #, the VB.NET, and all the other languages used in Microsoft Visual Studio or it is already installed in its latest version.

Xamarin lets you test mobile apps so understand that it’s not just an iOS emulator, it’s also an Android emulator. Download Xamerin


A tool very well known for excellent graphics quality especially for iPhones games. Also try and give your impressions too Download iPhone Simulator


An emulator well optimize for 3D games, it is a very good emulator iPhone for games on your Windows PC that you can download Download NITENDO 3DS EMULATOR


The list is long because there are other iOS emulators that can allow you to use iOS applications on your computer or Windows PC without but there are the best you can try and see how it works on your Windows OS and leave your notice in the comments on other alternative apart from those mentioned above.





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