Top 10 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows 2019

It’s only because your data is openly stored in your readers that they are not encrypted and protected by the comfortable encryption method and with that, anyone can access your files with ease.

This can lead to endangering your privacy by illegally accessing your private files.

In this article, I present a list of some of the best software for encrypting files and folders. So take a look at the complete guide described below.

What is encryption?

Encryption  is a cryptographic process by which it is desired to make the access of a document impossible to anyone who does not have the (de) encryption key.

Difference between encryption and coding

The essential difference lies in the desire to protect information and prevent third parties from accessing data in the case of encryption. Coding is about transforming information (data) into a set of words. Each of these words is made up of symbols.

Top 10 best encryption software for Windows in 2019

1. VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is the best software that encrypts your files, under free license used for on-the-fly encryption. It is developed by the French company IDRIX and allows to create an encrypted virtual disk in a file or partition, which makes it insensitive to new developments of brute force attacks. So you have to try this tool on your PC.

Encryption Software
Top 10 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows 2019

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2. StorageCrypt

This is another cool tool that will allow you to encrypt the USB drive with the encryption tool that allows encryption with the best as it is almost impossible to crack. So, have to try this.

Encryption Software
Top 10 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows 2019

3. BitLocker

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection specification developed by Microsoft that provides partition encryption. It is the best way to secure any USB drive in Windows, it helps secure your external drives.

Encryption Software
Top 10 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows 2019

BitLocker is included in the Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows Vista, in all editions of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 except the Itanium edition, in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows 7, and finally in the Professional and Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 enterprise.

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4. GNU Privacy Guard

GnuPG (or GPG, GNU Privacy Guard) allows the transmission of signed and encrypted electronic messages, thus guaranteeing their authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. The well known tool that allows you to encrypt the external USB drive with encryption. And by using this tool, you can actually protect the drive with the best way you really need to secure your drive data.

Encryption Software
Top 10 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows 2019


The main disadvantage of GnuPG is as with all encryption methods that the private key has to be registered somewhere. If it is on a USB key that one keeps with oneself, the risks of loss, theft or copy exist. If it is on the hard drive of a computer, then one is exposed to the traditional risks of piracy.

5. Cryptainer LE

Free encryption software to protect your confidential data on any Windows PC, desktop, laptop, hard drive or removable drive such as a USB flash drive, memory card.

Encryption Software
Top 10 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows 2019

Its strong and powerful encryption up to 448 bytes creates multiple encrypted containers of 100 MB on your hard drive. These encrypted contents can be loaded and unloaded at will. You can view, edit and hide all types of files with a single password


  • Easy to use,
  • Cryptainer LE is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions (95/98 / ME / 2000/2003 Server / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10) and with all known file types.
  • Cryptainer allows you to password protect and secure any file or folder on any media, including removable devices (Flash Drive, CD ROMs, etc.)

You can protect your files and folders and ensure your privacy with Cryptainer LE. With Cryptainer LE you can hide the very existence of your confidential files and folders.

Other best open source cryptography software for Windows in 2018

USB Disk Security,
Rohos Mini Drive,
Kakasoft USB Security,
USB Flash Security.


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