Top 5+ best alternatives to Youtube in 2019 alternatives to Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular sites on the internet with over 5 billion watched videos and 5 thousand daily likes. Every day we find novelties: movies, videos, music sought by a third of the users of the Web.

Unfortunately for Youtube, it also has some major flaws, such as “the lack of moderation of malicious comments and videos with inappropriate content”, but it is not surprising that a video sharing platform like this one is recognized as a top marketing instrument for a long time. So one question draws our attention, are there any alternatives to Youtube?

But yes ! There are other alternatives (site, application) to Youtube, not as powerful as Youtube of course, but alternatives that deserve your attention.

Dailymotion was for a long time the largest competitor of Youtube in France but today new video platforms have developed, So here in this article or we present the best alternatives to Youtube in addition the competitors of Youtube.

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The best alternatives to Youtube in 2018





 alternatives to Youtube
Top 5+ best alternatives to Youtube in 2019

Dailymotion created by two French in 2005 that belongs since 2016 to the group Vivendi represents one of the best alternatives to Youtube with 23% of the market in France with 300 million users worldwide and 3.5 billion videos were viewed each month.

Thus, Dailymotion gets a second place in France in this market, behind Youtube and its 57% of market share.

Dailymotion marks above all points thanks to the specificities of the loading of videos with many audio and video formats are compatible, so that the user who wishes to load a video can choose between the different formats: .mov, .mpeg4, .mp4,. avi and .wmv

Characteristics :

  • The layout is clear with blue and white navigation; the order of elements is similar to that of Youtube, because it has the advantage of being able to easily find the content sought and even for a beginner.
  • It is not only on Youtube that it is possible to be paid or to earn money thanks to the publication of videos, the monetization of videos is also possible on Dailymotion for the bloggers (or the Youtubeurs) who wish offer paid content or prenium.
  • You can watch content directly from your sofa with this mobile service via applications dedicated to iOS, Android or Windows systems.


 alternatives to Youtube
Top 5+ best alternatives to Youtube in 2019

Vimeo is an American video service founded in 2004 and specializes in the streaming of artistically demanding videos. With a community of more than 70 million members, we find for example some documentaries, music videos, short and impressive. Whoever is interested in the independent production of any type of art can find in Vimeo an alternative to Youtube of quality.

However, Vimeo still finds its place in this niche of video platforms with quality content. The only advantage is that the comments are not controlled benefits on Youtube but strangely they are globally respectful.

Twitch launched in 2011, is primarily a live streaming service of VOD for everything that revolves around the video game. Twitch’s enormous popularity with the gambling community was built around a very innovative concept: the live broadcast of people filming themselves playing different games while discussing everything and nothing, but especially the GamePlay anyway. More importantly, you can interact live with the player through a stream of real-time comments. The most popular players bring together tens of thousands of spectators and manage to make money.


 alternatives to Youtube
Top 5+ best alternatives to Youtube in 2019

Vevo is the site you will love to watch and listen to high quality music videos, with over 51 million unique visitors and 12 billion views per month. Vevo specializes in the hosting of official music videos offered by a large number of artists and a good alternative to Youtube. Unlike Youtube, the platform only offers music videos.

It is also connected to Youtube, so your videos can be found on it.

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Metacafe was founded in 2003 but has gone through a lot of crisis over time. The site is currently dedicated to broadcasting short 90-second videos and photos. There are mostly humorous videos. If you are looking for Fun you will find lots of nice little things here, if not go your way if you are demanding.


alternatives to Youtube
Top 5+ best alternatives to Youtube in 2019

Flickr brings together 122 million users in 63 different countries. Before loading a video you must create an account for free. Free accounts can store 1TB capacity while pro accounts offer unlimited capacity, no ads, and detailed statistics about your content. Videos can be downloaded in HD and many formats are accepted.


This overview shows that all the alternatives to Youtube have searched for their respective niches and that they have found it, each of these alternatives to Youtube are good for their different uses and are aimed at target groups with different strategies.


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