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Aziza24: How to place an order and receive delivery in the DRC

If you want to buy products online from DR Congo, here is a fantastic 100% Congolese e-commerce site that presents you with different types of products, for example, electronic products (smartphones, laptops, …); household products, … So are they reliable?

In this article, I will tell you about my experience of online shopping and delivery more specifically aziza24.com site , you hear several people tell you that E-commerce in Africa is not really safe (reliable) because the lack of online payment systems is not appropriate so far “Very few people have a bank card”, lack of confidence …, even me too, I did not place orders on e-commerce sites without being sure to receive my delivery because it is the worst thing that can be expected after placing an order online “is not receiving his package”

Unfortunately, this commercial site operates only in the Democratic Republic of Congo, more precisely in some provinces and city where the delivery is accessible for this service momentarily, in particular: Bukavu, Goma, Kinshasa, …

Note: There are several African e-commerce sites online, more specifically in the DRC but they are not all reliable.

My shopping experience on Aziza24

Aziza24 is one of the best Congolese merchant sites, it was founded in 2017 with headquarters in the province of SOUTH KIVU. It offers electronic devices, as well as gadgets of all kinds.

I will give you my opinion on aziza24 and answer questions like:

  • Is Aziza24 a reliable site?
  • How to place the order?
  • How is a payment made?
  • And the assurance of delivery

Presentation of Aziza24 website

Aziza24.com is one of the cheapest Congolese merchant sites. The products are presented by category: smartphones, watches, tablets and laptop, electronic accessories and more. It has a simple design and we adapt easily, it uses as the default language French

How to place an order on Aziza24?

First Stage: Go to www.Aziza24.com

Second stage: Create an account by clicking My Account -> Create Account -> Click Register.

Third stage: Locate the product you want to buy and place the order by pressing the “Add to Cart” button.

Last step: On the next page, click Continue payment to finish your purchase. If you have not finished your purchase yet, click on “Continue Shopping”

How is the payment made on Aziza24?

Step 5: For payment mode, as I mentioned a little earlier, can people do not have bank cards in Africa and therefore forgot the payment with PayPal or VISA or MASTERCARD , the site only admits the mobile payment including ( Airtel-Money, Orange-money, M-PESA,…) and CASH ON DELIVERY in French   “Cash on delivery” (this method of payment is possible only after contacting the service number of the site, this is done everywhere in DRCongo), then Launch the order .

Note: Regarding the transaction code field :

+ You can put CASH ON DELIVERY to receive the express delivery of your package

+You can also fill in this field the payment transaction code after contacting the service, which will allow Aziza24 ‘s staff to follow up on your transaction to approve your order. The information provided is correct.

Warning for spammers did not think that you will enter a Bidon code on this field or change the value of the price of a product, this platform is so secure that you did not think.

How is delivery made on Aziza24?

Aziza24 has 2 delivery modes which are:

  • Free delivery for regional
  • Delivery with Shipping Agency: ie if you placed your order and you lived in another province other than that of SUD-KIVU, Aziza24 will deposit the coli on a transport agency ready from your home and you will assume the expense transport.

My personal experience with Aziza24

I had discovered the site Aziza24 since their official launch, so from the beginning of 2017, Today while surfing the net, I revisited their platform and I came across an offer that interested me considering the attractive prices on the site, I quickly place an order of 40 $ pay on CASH ON DELIVERY with a free delivery mode for the regional to test if their service was reliable, fortunately 10minutes later the parcel reached me. With a valid proof of payment, WOW is really fast as delivery.


To conclude, I think that Aziza24 is reliable, not only for me but for all because receiving your package in the shortest time proves their credibility



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