Apps for WiFi cracker on Android (with / without root) free

You want to connect to a wireless connection from your neighbor but unfortunately it is secure? And after several efforts you still could not connect to it? Let me guide you in this tutorial to hack the password of a wifi network with your Android to have the WiFi WPE / WPA / WPS key for free in just a few minutes.

That being said, let’s try a bit of seeing is that knows a WPE / WPA / WPS key to get to the heart of the matter.

What is WEP / WPA / WPS?

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy): approved September 1999 as a Wifi security standard, intended to provide the same level of security as wired networks, unfortunately with WEP it had a range of security issues easy to break and difficult to configure hence its abandonment by the Wi-Fi alliance in 2004.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPA) helps secure Wi-Fi-based wireless networks adopted 1 year before WEP is officially abandoned for use as a temporary and important enhancement to WEP security

Viewed the vulnerability of WPS, we are going to find you the words to switch from the majority of WPA Wi-Fi networks with his smartphone easily. Here are in this article 5 best apps for cracking a WiFi with Android in 2018

Requirements to hack a WPA / WPS Wi-Fi network with Android

+Android version> 4.0
+Android with ROOT Access or Without ROOT
+Download Busybox (If ROOT Access)
+Download Terminal Emulator (Read here, If you are HS)

NOTE: You do not have the right to hack a secure WiFi that is not yours. You are and will be responsible for everything you do.

5 Best WiFi Hacking Apps on Android for Free WiFi Cracker


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WPS WPA Tester

In first position because it is probably the best application to hack a WIFi with Android use by multiple users. In less than a few minutes and you have the password of a WiFi network

Download WPS WPA Tester

Wi-Fi Warden

With this application you can see the router, the power and the name of the wireless access points around you, as well as the frequency of the Mac address, channel, modem, encryption, security and the distance to finally hack any WiFi network with your Android


With this application you can attempt to connect to a WPS-compatible Wi-Fi router, whose WPS vulnerability uses certain algorithms to connect to Wi-Fi.


WPSApp checks the security of your network using the WPS protocol. This protocol allows you to connect to a Wi-Fi network using an 8-digit PIN, which is usually preset in the router.

WPS connect

With the WPS Connect app, you can hack any wifi network and automatically connect to a password protected wifi network. The biggest advantage of this, you have the option to disable the network connection of another user on the same wifi network.


Are the best apps for hacker wifi with Android in 2018 for free. If you have suggestions do not hesitate to mention it in comment.



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