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Already more than 3 million users subscribe to fiber

An optical fiber is a wire whose soul, very thin, glass or plastic has the property of driving light and is used for fibroscopy, lighting or digital data transmission.

Fiber optics is the latest technology in Internet access. In practice, it allows the transfer of data at high speed via light. The latter passes through a cable containing glass or plastic son as fine as hair.

subscribe to Fiber Optique
subscribe to Fiber Optique

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What is optical fiber?

The deployment of the fiber requires the creation of a new, completely independent network, be it the telephone network or the cable. On this network, data can be transmitted quickly over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers.

The development of fiber goes hand in hand with the evolution of uses and the growing needs of individuals (individuals and businesses). It should be noted, however, that the installation of optical fiber is generally observed in densely populated areas. This is mainly due to the costs of deploying such technology.

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Number of Fiber Optique users

In one year, 1 million subscribers in addition to fiber optics in France. The figures for Arcep are good.

Arcep’s highly official Observatory of Electronic Communications Markets confirms the breakthrough of fiber optics in French homes. In Q3 2017, there are more than 2.9 million fiber optic subscribers to home.

To be counted in the official statistics of the optical fiber in France, subscriptions must offer at least 100 Mbit / s up to the home concerned. As a result, 265,000 additional subscribers could be counted in the 3rd quarter of 2017 alone.

To better understand the figures of Arcep,

it is interesting to compare these statistics of subscriptions to the numbers of eligible households.

From now on,  9.5 million French households are covered by fiber FttH

+ 37% in 12 months ) one year, and 1.3 million by the  Very-Broadband by coaxial cable.

The penetration rate of optical fiber thus captures nearly one-third of eligible households.

the commercial success of optical fiber is at the rendezvous,but Arcep encourages operators to accelerate their deployment plans across the country.


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