A Chrome extension to access all secret categories of Netflix

secret categories of Netflix: Finding the right movie or series to watch on Netflix is a real problem and if you do not have any suggestions from a friend addicted to this American streaming platform, you will use up half of your evening to find one ! And that’s my case elsewhere.

This problem of choice is the natural result of a platform that offers hundreds of movies and series in several categories but without a real system of proposals and suggestions based on the real points of interest of the user, which makes the task to the latter very difficult.

To help you search on netflix more accurately, I share with you this Chrome extension that once installed, it adds a menu  “Browse All” in English at the menu bar of Netflix.

This new menu will allow you to list several categories that are also hidden on Netflix before installing this extension, for example instead of a main category “Action”, we will thanks to this extension “Action comedy” and “Action Thrillers” so on, and therefore more possibilities to refine your search.

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 secret categories of Netflix
A Chrome extension to access all secret categories of Netflix

The name of the extension is Better Browse and it is only available for Chrome, which unfortunately means that it concerns only the use of Netflix on a computer and no longer on your TV. But it also says that you can use Netflix for computer to search and find the right content and then add it to your watchlist to watch it on your TV.



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