4G already available in the DRC on Vodacom & Orange operators

The ” 4G ” is a technology that offers unlimited possibilities and unprecedented benefits in improving the daily lives of many users of smartphones, tablets and other terminals, is now at hand to transmit communications, expand exchanges and so that expand the country’s economic activity.

Aimed at everyone, young people, women, banks, institutions, we bloggers … the ” 4G ” Vodacom Congo & Orange RDC today meet the requirements of all these categories of subscribers.

As said the Director-General Orange RDC, Mr. Gerard Lokossou on May 10 in a video posted on the YouTube channel of Orange ”  With 4G Orange, we will have more access to multimedia content, streaming, video on demand. It will also be an effective response to the needs of companies lacking appropriate mobility and superior quality.

Congolese mobile operators have finally come out of the 3G prison to grant 4G license certificates.

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The advantage of having 4G with Vodacom & Orange RDC

More concretely, the ” 4G ” allows:

  • the significant acceleration of downloads,
  • On-demand accessibility of videos and music
  • Exploration of online games and increased connectivity performance for all business applications.
  • And even more …

With the “4G”, Our two network operators materialize the dream of a world where everyone is connected to live a better present and guarantee a bright future. The “4G” is here! It starts with you, be the first to take part in this technological revolution by taking your SIM 4G in our shops and experimenting the extraordinary with the most innovative network of the DRC.

Lists of some 4G LTE compatible smartphones to use

Discover here a list of popular phones to use that will take advantage of 4G with Congolese telecommunications networks.

The era of 3G smartphones is gradually dying out and 4G phones will be more and more successful in the coming months, Cool.

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Tecno 4G smartphones
  • Tecno Phantom 8, 6 and 6 Plus, 5
  • Tecno Camon CX, Air CX, CM, C9, C9 Pro, C7, C5
  • Techno Boom J8 LTE
  • Tecno W5
  • Tecno DroidPad 8D (8II), 7E
Smartphones ITEL 4G
  • ITEL S32 LTE (and not S32 or S12), S21, S41
  • ITEL A21, A41, A44, A44 Pro
Infinix 4G Smartphones
  • Infinix Note 4, 4 Pro, 3, Note 3 Pro, Note 2
  • Infinix Zero 5, 5 Pro, 4, 4 Plus, 3
  • Infinix HotS, Hot 4 Pro, Hot 3 LTE
Samsung 4G Smartphones
  • All higher versions of 2016
  • Galaxy S5 -> S9
  • 4G iPhones
  • iPhone 5 -> iPhone X
Huawei 4G smartphones
  • Huawei P7…
  • Huawei Mate 7 …
  • Sony 4G Smartphones
  • Xperia Z2 …


This list is not exhaustive, it is only the most popular smartphones that can benefit from 4G in Congo-Kinshasa. In addition, we do not yet have details on the frequencies used by each telecommunication operator in the DRC.


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