3 Method for downloading cracked & paid free Android apps for free

If you came across this page, then you are definitely looking to find out how to crack an apk (apps, apps, app) for android. Most of the best android games and applications are available in free version, however you are limited and do not have access to some features called premium or pay. To unlock all the features and have advanced options of an android application, you will need to have the cracked version of the apk or just buy it through the Playstore.

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Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a premium copy of an apk app, fortunately for us there are a ton of solutions to have free premium android apps.

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In this article today, I share with three best methods to install the full versions of the free android apk for free.

Read also: How to download free software with crack for windows / mac

In this article today, I share with three best methods to install the full versions of the free android apk for free.

How to have paid and cracked apps for free on android

Cracker an android application with Lucky Pather

Description of lucky patcher

Lucky Pather is a small android application that allows you to not only save and share your installed applications, but also modify them. With Lucky Pather, you have the opportunity to crack apk apps.

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1. For Cracker a game or apk apk with Lucky pather, it will initially be necessary to download and install it.

Download Lucky Patcher

2. Once the application is downloaded and installed, launch the application from the icon on your android desktop to activate free premium versions of your apk (all your games and installed programs will be listed)

3. Now, tap the app you want to crack. And choose the option “Open patches menu”.

4. A new window opens, inviting you to create a new android application from already installed packages. Confirm the option “Create a modified .apk”.

5. Among the new options, choose “Rebuilt apk for inApp and LVL emulation”.

6. In the new window, leave the default configurations. Confirm the procedure by pressing the message “Rebuild the application”.

7. Wait while Lucky Patcher generates a new apk installer file. Once done, open the storage location of the created apk.

8. Once the installation file is open, launch the apk.

9. On the new window that opens, choose “Uninstall and Install”.

10. If everything goes without constraint, you will have cracked and installed a new android application that will work in premium, with obviously all paid options unlocked.

During a purchase for example, the Lucky Patcher application offers you to hack the purchase process for free.

Note: This is all about the hack or crack of an android application. It should be noted that this hack method works for most apk apps, but not all.

Sites to download free cracked Android apps

Here are the best sites to download cracked apk APK for Android APK Cracked APK (cracked apk, apk cracker)? Take a list and choose the one that suits you and enjoy premium versions of your favorite games and applications.

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Warning: The sites offering cracked applications are for the most part not legal and source of viruses, to visit with your own risks.


I will not be able to talk about crazed Android app download sites without referring to Crack APK, which is one of the best in its category. It offers APKs, games for Android smartphone as well as software .EXE for Windows in free version. With an easy navigation on the site, it is well organized and very well structured. I’m sure you’ll find your account. Visit Crack Apk


Games, applications of all kinds and all categories, Onhax is a site that has several applications and games cracked.

Visitez Onhax


In the ApkMania site, you will find cracked premium games. Several games are downloadable from the pages of the site. If you want to download a premium game, do not hesitate to visit and test


Download paid apps for free on Play store

To have free android apps pay Google Playstore, we will have to download an application called Aptoide.

Description of Aptoide

Aptoide is the equivalent of the Playstore. Except that here everything is completely free and the applications available for download are completely cracked. All downloaded apk files are in premium version.

Note: it is not the only one to download the android apps in the prenium version, there are other alternatives including F-Droid, AppBrain App Market, …

Download Aptoide Apk

With these three methods, you will not need to pay a single dime to pass your apps in pro version.


You will be able to upgrade your apk in premium version for free. The apk is already cracked, there will be more options blocked.

If you like, thank you for sharing as usual.




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