2 ways to kosher photos, SMS, apps, videos, files on Android and iOS

Apps, photos, or files that you want to hide from others or that you do not want to see on your screen? Well yes, A smartphone is made to be personal because there are often things that we do not want to leave to everyone’s reach.

However, there are different ways to hide your apps, photos or files that you want to keep really secret. And we will see in this little tutorial with you and especially the blogger friends who do not want to say how much report their website with Google adsense

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How to kosher photos or videos on android without application

As you all knew, the Android photo gallery is no more discreet applications, for a third party who will access it, unless your smartphone is locked or secure with a password.

So, if you want to hide photos or videos simply, without installing third-party application, there are two solutions. :

First solution:

Step 1: Download a file manager like ES file explorer or you can simply use Android default file manager

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Step 2: After downloading, open the file manager, click on (…) then on «New»

Step 3: Then create a folder called “.nomedia” in the file manager



Note: Note that the dot (.) Must be placed in front of nomedia. This file is empty, but the system will interpret it in a very specific way: it forces it to hide the photos, videos located in the folder where it is.

Step 4: Move to the directory created .nomedia all photos, videos that you do not want to see in the gallery.

Reminder: No application including the Gallery will be able to display them. Note that they will however be visible in the file manager. So you should preferably create the parent directory in a place not too exposed.

Deuxième solution

To hide photos, videos in Android without third-party application simply hide the directory containing the images and other content contained therein. This will no longer appear null on your storage medium. The folder itself will not be visible in the file manager unless the “Show hidden folders” option is enabled.

To hide a folder, and therefore the photos and other contents that appear there, it is enough to precede it with a dot (.) Followed by the name of file in question.

Exemple « .@osxtechtips ». Et le tour est joué

How to kosher photos, SMS, videos, applications, files on Android and iOS with free application

If the two solutions above seem difficult and here are the best alternatives, it is to install some free applications that would make your tasks easier and even easier.

Avantages de cette technique

+You can drag photos, applications, files or private videos, this technique is called Drag and Drop in English.
+To access it, it is necessary to go through the application which must be protected by password.
+And even more

Hide apps on Android with App Hider

Hide an application on Android? We never think about it until the need arises. Yes, that can quite happen. And if you’re looking to do it, there’s no default option under Android. Clarification that it is not a question of blocking the access to an application by a code.

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One of the few that can hide an application effectively and does not require root access is App Hider with its extra functionality that makes the app with a form of “Calculator”, far from suspicion.

You just need to import the desired application and it disappears from the menu.

Unless of course to know about App Hider and the way the app works. And even if it did, pre-configured code is needed to access it.

Click here to download App Hider from the Play Store

Click here to download App Hider on app store

Hide photos or sensitive files with Vault

Vault is an application available on PlayStore and AppStore that works very well and that allows you to import any type of sensitive file. It just disappears from the storage space. There are several, but I recommend vault because it used a lot

To find your photos, SMS, videos and other hidden files, the only option is to access the application after entering the security code. And to restore them, just remove them from Vault. And voila.






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