Best 10 Free Passwords Managers For 2019

Today, several online services like Payoneer, PayPal, Facebook, Gmail … ask to authenticate. Imagine then in the case where we have multiple accounts that supposes that we also have several passwords, the more difficult it is to retain them all. Why is not a password manager used instead?

What is a password manager

A password manager is an online service or software that can be installed on a computer, a smartphone that allows a user to manage all of his passwords by centralizing them in a database (wallet) with a password. only account and unique password.

This wallet will allow you to store all your passwords in one place. IT WILL NOT RESERVE YOU MORE THAN MEMORIZING YOUR MASTER PASSWORD.

How to choose a good password

Stopped using passwords like “123456789”, “Password”, “qwerty”, “football”, “your date of birth”, “your girlfriend’s name” … to secure your account. A good password must:

  • Available characters (small, uppercase)
  • Include special characters,
  • Contain numbers
  • Being unique for each service

As a result, you will be able to choose a very complex and therefore very secure password like this: uru% Nr681YBYA!

Like this, you have at least 98% not to be hacked

Top 10 Free Password Managers for Chrome / Firefox / Android / iPhone / Pc

1- LastPass

LastPass is certainly one of the best and most popular free password managers. It is available on Pc and Android and iOS Smartphone.

You can install the LastPass extension on Chrome and Firefox on Pc and also download an application on your smartphone to automatically store your passwords on different websites, and can also retain some personal information like (email address, password) that you use to fill in the online forms.

2 – Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a better password manager similar to LastPass and Dashlane that you can download the application on your PC and mobile to centralize all your passwords for free with their Cloud Sync service.

3 – Dashlane

With a simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use design, it is a free password manager service that runs on computers but also on phones.

Similar to LastPass, Dashlane lets you create robust passwords for you, save them, and automatically populate web forms with personal information.

For more information, visit the Dashlane website

4 – Keeper

Keeper similar to Sticky Password is the other password manager that should not be missing from this comparison.

With its sharing feature, it allows you to automatically enter and save your credentials and passwords in a file of sites and portable device in the cloud.

To connect to your applications and websites, you have the option to use the fingerprint reader of your smartphone.

 5 – True Key – Password Manager of the Future

True Key offers more than 4 authentication modes: facial recognition, fingerprint, …

With a True Key account. you can store more than 10 passwords or credentials for free on all devices and unlimited passwords in its premium version at $ 19.99 / year only.

6 – But warden –
7 – 1Password –
8 – RoboForm –
9 – KeePass – Open source (
10 – Enpass –


The only thing you need to remember or remember is your master password.



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